Pastry chef Emily Luchetti created the Dessertworthy movement in 2014 to empower individuals to make healthier choices about dessert. It’s not about eliminating sugar and fat – it’s about prioritizing when we indulge in delicious desserts.

For years, we have been eating desserts with abandon, taking in extra sugar and processed ingredients on nearly every occasion, instead of just for special ones. Dessert is no longer a treat; it’s become a staple at every meal, every day.

By working with chefs, food companies, schools, youth organizations, and nutrition advocacy groups, Emily hopes to inspire families and individuals to make indulgent dessert choices from an informed and empowered perspective.



1. Return dessert to its original purpose, which is to be consumed as an occasional treat and not an everyday indulgence.

2. Build and consistently engage a community of dessert-lovers that are making active attempts to combine mostly healthy eating with an occasional indulgence.

3. Raise awareness that consumers should be picky about their dessert intake. Enjoy desserts in moderation and combine them with healthy eating and fitness.

4. Increase consumer knowledge of hidden sugars, fats and additives in processed foods.

5. Be a resource for maintaining a dessertworthy lifestyle.

Time Magazine
October, 2015

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October 30, 2015


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